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Tooth Colored Fillings Chesapeake VA

We Create Beautifully; Natural Looking Smiles With Teeth Colored Fillings

Is the thought of having mercury in your mouth from traditional fillings causing you to worry? Do the dark-colored or silver fillings you now need to be upgraded or replaced so that all your teeth can have a natural look?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you could rest assured that we have a solution that can be tailored just for your circumstances. We can certainly deliver a magnificent smile for you by replacing those dark or silver-colored fillings with our sweet teeth-colored fillings. It is quite possible that these new fillings will appear so natural that most people will think they are genuine.

Below, You Will Find Three Important Facts Concerning Our Teeth Colored fillings:

  1. They are made from a special resin that we bond securely to your teeth.
  2. They are highly durable and beautiful.
  3. They will always appear as natural, original teeth to those you meet.

What Are The Advantages of Having Our Natural Looking, Teeth Colored Fillings?

  • Should they become damaged for any reason, they will be easy to replace.
  • You could experience sensitivity as soon as the procedure is finished, but most problems following the composite procedure will be minimal.
  • These unique teeth-colored fillings are long-lasting.
  • They can be color-matched to your surrounding natural teeth.
  • These special composite bonds provide extra strength to your affected teeth.

Proper Long-Term Care Guidelines For Your New Fillings is Something We Always Provide Our Patients, And Below Are Listed Three Tips And Precautions For Your New Tooth-Colored Composite Resins:

  1. You might experience some soreness in your gums for a few days following this procedure, but you should immediately call our office if you notice any intense biting pain or swelling.
  2. Since regular consumption of alcoholic beverages will destroy these beautiful, new composite fillings over some time, we highly recommend that you reduce or limit your consumption.
  3. As you probably would with your existing, natural teeth, we also advise you to protect your new, teeth-colored composite fillings by avoiding hard food, such as raw carrots, etc.

These composite, natural color fillings can transform your smile by giving your teeth a natural, more appealing look than do the old, traditional ones. So regardless of whether you need an upgrade to your current fillings or a new cavity, you can be assured that we will give you unparalleled results and keep you and your entire family smiling and happy.

Please give us a call for your teeth-colored filling appointment today!

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