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Sedation Dentistry Could be The Antidote to Dental Anxiety

If you are nervous and anxious about complex dental procedures, you are certainly not alone. Almost 75% of the adult population suffers from “dental chair fear.”

However, if you allow this fear or anxiety to keep you away from seeing your dentist regularly, it derails good preventative dentistry! When you don’t follow a recommended treatment schedule, more expensive procedures are often needed, and dental problems worsen.

Fortunately, sedation dentistry is an excellent method for breaking this destructive cycle.

We at Chesapeake Center for Complete Dentistry have already taken the necessary steps, such as the most advanced sedation therapy options, to ensure your comfort during appointments with us. We are determined to make your visit comfortable, relaxing, and positive, no matter the severity of your dental phobia or how long it has been since your last appointment!

Dental Sedation Dentistry is for Patients Who Experience the Four Issues Listed Below:

  1. A solid dental gag reflex
  2. A problem is still in one place for extended periods
  3. A low tolerance level for pain and discomfort
  4. A phobia or anxiety about dental appointments complicated treatments.

If you are a patient that experiences one or more of the above issues, please speak to us about it. We will incorporate it into your treatment plan as a strategy to make you comfortable. We have had great success helping many other patients with the same problems.

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