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Dental Bonding Chesapeake VA

Why You Might Need Dental Teeth Bonding

  • You could be embarrassed about your broken smile if you have teeth that are chipped, cracked, or broken. To prevent others from seeing the problems you are having with your teeth, you might even find yourself hiding your mouth or avoiding any attempt at smiling.
  • The tiny grooves and pits in your teeth are often hard to clean, so gum disease and decayed teeth are more likely to be a problem due to the resulting buildup of bacteria.
  • Since teeth that have been damaged will not heal on their own, we offer a simple solution that makes it appear as if they have! This solution is an affordable, non-invasive, quick dental procedure known as dental bonding.

Teeth Bonding – What is it?

This bonding is a crucial means of repairing damaged teeth and preventing cavities. The American Dental Association (ADA) recognizes a tooth-colored composite resin. We will use a special dental light to harden this resin (bonding it) after we have applied it to your damaged tooth or teeth and polished them.

One comfortable and easy appointment is all that is needed for our dental bonding procedure to restore the appearance, shape, and size of your damaged teeth.

Our goal with dental bonding is to restore your tooth or teeth to pre-damage condition, making your “new” tooth function and look just like your natural-colored, original teeth.

Composite Dental Bonds – What are The Advantages?

  1. They are reversible and non-invasive procedures.
  2. They will help protect your gums and teeth from additional health issues and decay.
  3. They can transform the function and cosmetic appearance of damaged teeth.
  4. They are constructed of a composite resin that is biocompatible and natural-colored.

Dental Bonding – Are You Interested?

Dr. Cranham has been transforming patients’ smiles with precise dental tooth bonding for many years, and she specializes in cosmetic dentistry. We are a preferred dental bonding specialist in Houston and have professional pride in that designation!

You will always receive friendly, high-tech, and individual care at our office. We are happy to offer different options for sedation

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