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Single Tooth Dental Implant Chesapeake VA

Single Tooth Dental Implants Can Fill In The Gaps

If you had missing teeth for many years, you had limited options to fix the problem.  Most of the time, a partial or bridge was used to fill in the gap.

This is not the case anymore.  Dental technology has evolved, and now we have dental implants, which are a much better solution.

What Is An Implant?

A dental implant consists of 3 different parts:

  1. The implant itself
  2. The abutment
  3. The crown

An implant is essentially a man-made tooth root made of titanium.  Titanium is used because it is bio-compatible to the bone.  When placed, the bone forms around the implant giving it a solid foundation. 

An abutment is placed in the implant, and then a porcelain crown is placed on the abutment.  The porcelain restoration can be shaded to blend in with your other teeth, so your smile is natural-looking.

Dental implants can last your lifetime if you take care of them.  Some patients think that because the whole implant is artificial, they don’t have to be concerned about its maintenance.  It is just the opposite.  It would be best to care for them because you still have the risk of gum disease, which can weaken the bone and cause it to fall out.

If you have missing teeth and have questions about dental implants, call us today for a consultation.

Dental Implants in Chesapeake VA
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