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Intra-Oral Camera Chesapeake VA

We Have Much Better Oral Views Using Intra-Oral Cameras

As an industry, we dentists have made vast progress in taking better care of our patients due to innovations in dental technology. One such innovation has been the intra-oral camera, or “camera on a wand,” as some aptly called it. 

This beneficial advancement in dental technology has enabled us to see our patients’ mouths much more clearly. Still, it also allows them to view what we see during the exam. Its extra mobility also allows us to see portions of the mouth that have previously been impossible to view, helping us better diagnose and offer treatment options. 

The intra-oral camera photographs are significant for filing insurance claims and better dental records for our patients. These intraoral and smile series photos are also valuable because they make you, as our patient, somewhat of an active partner in your dental treatment.

They can give you a genuine opportunity to make confident decisions about those potential treatments and a more precise understanding of your dental conditions.

What Exactly Can We See With These Intra-oral Cameras?

Along with you, we can pinpoint the following three areas:

  1. Any damaged fillings or cracked and chipped teeth.
  2. Plaque, tartar, gum disease, and your very back teeth problems.
  3. The exact is of any tooth decay or cavities, including behind existing fillings.

The photos taken by these intra-oral cameras are beneficial if you are considering or need any restorative or cosmetic procedures for yourself or a family member. Last but certainly not least, any before and after photos will prove remarkable and invaluable. Please give us a call today for a consultation appointment.

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