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Digital X-Rays Chesapeake VA

Using Innovative Digital X-Ray Technology is Essential to Good Dentistry

In our practice, we have always considered it necessary to learn and use new, more innovative technologies as they become available to the dental industry. Coupled with the skills we have accumulated over the years, we can better serve our patients in all their treatment needs.

This professional willingness should always be uppermost in your search for a reliable dentist. These new technologies enable us to help you and your family maintain amazing smiles. The digital x-ray technology we are now using is vital for planning the solutions that best suit your particular dental issues.

What Are Some of The Benefits of Digital X-Ray Technology? 

  • It is completely eco-friendly
  • It wastes no paper
  • It avoids the use of lead film inserts
  • It uses absolutely zero chemicals
  • It exposes our patients to lower radiation amounts

These High-Definition Digital X-Rays Enable us, as Dental Professionals, to See With an Extremely High Degree of Clarity, The Very Depths of Your Gums And Teeth. 

This ability enables us to detect dental problems in their earliest stages of development and thus prevent further progression and see details that were otherwise invisible to our naked eyes. 

An even more significant benefit to our patients is that it allows them to view their x-rays on the computer screen right along with us.

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