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3 D - Digital Imaging Chesapeake VA

CAT (CT) Scan Dental Imaging Using 3-D Technology

Here at Chesapeake Center for Complete Dentistry, we have invested in more advanced technological tools, such as CAT scan 3-D imaging, to provide the latest and best care for all our patients.

We have indeed found this technology, also known as CBCT scan three-dimensional imaging, to be irreplaceable in the treatment plans for many of our patients. It has provided us the ability to view the three-dimensional (3-D) features of a patient’s bone, teeth, and underlying structures with fantastic clarity. Listed below are five dental needs that 3-D imaging CAT scan technology helps us address in our practice:

  1. We are locating hard-to-find root canals, which only this modern technology can identify.
  2. We are determining the complex anatomy of a particular root canal.
  3. The creation of dental implant plans for our patients.
  4. We are evaluating any potential grafting needs for a patient.
  5. When working with impacted wisdom teeth, this helps locate the location of nerves.

There are, in fact, several rather complicated dental issues that can’t be resolved with the use of regular dental x-rays, and this 3-d CAT scan technology allows us to solve them quite quickly, in most instances.

If your current dental problems have not been appropriately addressed or thoroughly, and you would like more detailed information on how this technology might benefit you, please call me today for an appointment.

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